How to Change Your Ackerman Security Code

How to Change Your Ackerman Security Code

One of the most common questions we receive from customers is: How can I change my security code? And for good reason; Knowing how to update your security codes is critical to your home's safety and security!

The upside to changing your Ackerman Security code is that it's a pretty straightforward process. The downside is that you need to know the exact model you have first because each model is programmed a bit differently.

If you'd rather get live help, you can always call Ackerman Security at 800.552.1111, and one of our security experts will walk you through how to change your security code. But if you're comfortable troubleshooting your system's keypad yourself, keep reading to learn:

  • How to determine your security system's model
  • Where to find your security system's user manual
  • The importance of Master Access Codes
  • Best practices for keeping codes secure

With a clear understanding of how your security system works, you'll be empowered to manage all of your user passcodes and controls with ease.

Trusted by Atlanta residents for 50+ years, Ackerman Security is here to help safeguard your home against break-ins, theft, property damage, and more. To get upfront pricing and expert advice on the latest home security systems, give us a call at 800.552.1111 or get a free quote online today.

How to Determine Your Security System's Model

Ackerman Security is proudly partnered with ADT, the nation's number one security brand. Harnessing ADT's state-of-the-art technology, customers can choose from a variety of security system models to fit their needs and budget. The instructions for changing your security codes will vary on the model you've decided to install in your home.

To find out your exact security system model, you can:

  • Reference your free estimate or installation invoice. Both should list the particular system you have installed in your home.
  • Head over to and create an account (if you don't already have one). Once logged in, click on the blue "Overview" tab. You can review your system's information, including the model number.
  • Call Ackerman Security at 800.552.1111. Our friendly customer service team answers the phone quickly and is happy to help troubleshoot common security system issues, including passcodes.

Once you know your security system's model name and number, you can then reference the user manual for line-by-line instructions on updating security codes.

Where To Find Your Security System's User Manual

ADT provides a comprehensive list of user manuals online. Scroll through the list until you find your security system's name and model number. Click the link, and a PDF should pop up on a separate screen.

On the second or third page will be a table of contents. You should see a line for "Security Codes" about halfway down with an assigned page number. Head to the page, and you'll find line-by-line instructions for how to change your security code.

Typically, the process involves some variation of pressing the * (star) key, entering in your Master Access Code, updating your code, and then hitting # (pound) to finalize your selections. However, there are a number of different models with different programming languages, so you'll need to make sure you enter the correct inputs.

Rather speak to a live expert? Give Ackerman Security a call at 800.552.1111 and we'll be happy to help you. You can also review common troubleshooting tips on ADT's website for more information on resetting your system.

The Importance of Master Access Codes

You must know your "Master Access Code" in order to make any changes to your security system.

The Master Access Code is a 4-digit administrative passcode that should have been set up during your security system installation. It's the primary user's security code, and it's used to arm or disarm your security system, add sub-users, or make changes to any security codes.

If you've forgotten what your Master Access Code is, you'll need to contact Ackerman at 800.552.1111. For security reasons, there's no other way to retrieve it.

Once on the phone, we can also help you reset a brand new one. If someone were to get a hold of your Master Access Code, they could attempt to change it— or grant access codes to sub-users— without you knowing. So, if you think your Master Access Code has been compromised, it's best to update it straight away.

Best Practices for Keeping Codes Secure

Now that you know how to change your security codes, let's take a look at how to keep your codes secure.

First, if you've experienced a break-in (or attempted break-in), change your codes immediately. Even if the perpetrator was apprehended, you need to secure your system with updated codes. You never know who might have been involved, and it's critical that you maintain your home's security.

That being said, the best protection is prevention. If you regularly give out your security codes to friends, family members, housekeepers, etc., it's best to change them often. After all, it's better to accidentally lock someone out than let the wrong person in!

For ultimate security, also make sure your security codes aren't easy to guess. We recently wrote a blog with some great tips on how to choose secure passcodes. Chief among our tips was not using codes like "1234" "2222" or birthdays, anniversaries, and favorite numbers. Instead, pick memorable but seemingly random numbers such as the date of your favorite concert or the last four digits of your best friend's phone number.

With some thoughtful planning, you'll have peace of mind that your security system has you safe and protected.

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