Can You Make a Smart Garage? Is It Worth It?

Can You Make a Smart Garage? Is It Worth It?

Open and shut your garage from the convenience of your smartphone.

You've probably heard of smart homes, but what about smart garages? Yes, you can buy smart devices designed specifically for garages—and depending on how you use your garage, they can make your home more secure andsave you money over time!

Some options for smart garages include:

  • Smart garage door openers
  • Smart lighting
  • Smart locks
  • Laser parking
  • Bluetooth trackers

Every person uses their garage a little differently, so we'll walk you through the common features of each smart garage item to help you determine if it would be beneficial to install in your home.

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Smart Garage Door Openers

When you roll out of the garage bleary eyed every morning on your way to work, do you reallyremember if you shut the garage door? Smart garage door openers allow you to open and close your garage door remotely, so even if you accidentally left it open, you can shut it from the office and protect your home.

If you're tired of taking off work to let the repairman in, smart garage door openers can help, too! Just open the garage door remotely when the repairman arrives so they can access your home.

There are many different types of smart garage door openers. Some pair with smart assistants,so you can open and close your garage door with your voice. Others are equipped with geofencing technologyand will close automatically when your phone leaves your home.

Open and shut your garage door with the touch of a button!

Smart garage door openers are typically easy to install and don't require any expensive hardware. While you can purchase a smart garage door, most smart garage door openers work with almost any standard garage door and are much less expensive.

You might consider getting a smart garage door if you leave your garage door open by accident often. It's also a good idea if your garage contains an entry to your home, since this can make your home extra vulnerable to intruders.

Smart Lighting

If you've ever left the garage light on while you're away for the day, then smart lighting in your garage could probably save you money on your energy bills.That's because smart lights, can be turned on and off remotely. If you accidentally leave one on, just turn it off from your phone to avoid wasting energy.

Smart lights can also be programmed to automatically turn off when you leave the house or to turn on when they detect motion. This makes them particularly beneficial in the garage, since they will turn on and alert you if an intruder enters your garage.

Smart Locks

Your neighbor probably has a copy of your house key. Just like your mom, your pool guy, and a bunch of other people you can't even remember. Smart locks can only be opened by someone with the correct code, making them a great option for people worried old house keys might end up in the wrong hands.

Many homeowners leave access doors in the garage unlocked when the garage door is closed. Smart locksare great for the garage because they can lock this door automatically on a schedule, securing your home while you're away.

Laser Parking

If you still have a tennis ball hanging in your garage to prevent you from driving into the wall, it's time for an upgrade. Laser parking systems can help you to park perfectly every time, keeping your home (and your car!) safe from damage.

Just install the laser unit on your garage ceiling, and choose where you want the laser to point so you fit snugly in your parking spot. The next time you pull in, the laser will activate and show you exactly where to go! Not only does this keep you from damaging your garage wall, it can maximize space in your garage, too.

Bluetooth Trackers

Is your garage a mess? Put bluetooth trackers on the items you need a lot but can never seem to find, like tools or spare keys, to help you locate them quickly without digging through clutter.

Bluetooth trackers adhere to your items. When you've lost your keys (again), just open an app on your phone and choose the item you're looking for. An alarm will go off on the tracker as long as you're within range, alerting you to the location of your missing item.

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