Active Monitoring

There is a difference between security devices and a security system? Don’t be fooled by cut-rate imposters.


When you pay for monitoring service, you should feel immune to the impact of burglary. We offer a one-of-a-kind guarantee to cover 100% of any financial loss from a burglary. Ackerman’s “No-Theft Guarantee” is an industry exclusive. In the highly unlikely circumstance that you are burglarized while an Ackerman-Approved Security System is armed, we’ll pay up-to 100% of your insurance deductible and then pay you the exact same amount in cash up to $25,000! This is yet another reason why Ackerman is “The Sign of Real Security”.

Seconds Count

Why would anyone pay for monitoring services that aren’t guaranteed? Ackerman is the only monitoring provider in North America to offer a written, money-back, “Seconds Count Guarantee” for all Ackerman subscribers. We respond to all our customers’ alarm events within 45 seconds from the receipt of signal. We are equipped with a privately-owned UL certified monitoring facility, 24/7 in-house monitoring, and a complete staff of 5-Diamond certified alarm operators. Ackerman’s monitoring services are nationally recognized for excellence.

5 Diamond Certified

This certification, and its annual renewal, demonstrates a commitment to The Five Diamond Central Station regulations. You can rest assured that you’re being watched over by the best! The 5 Diamond designation is granted to less than 2% of the monitoring centers in the United States by The Monitoring Association.

UL Certification

Our UL certified monitoring facility is essentially impervious to local or state-wide power outages. Our monitoring center has backup batteries with the impressive failsafe of multiple commercial-grade natural gas generators that can supply continuous electricity 24/7/365. Power outages at our monitoring center will never cause you a lapse of monitoring protection. In the event of an Act-of-War or Act-of-God, Ackerman is partnered with an offsite redundancy center to provide uninterrupted monitoring for all our customers.


Backups and Fail safes

When the power goes out… are you still protected? If your telephone or internet services goes out… are you still being monitored? Alarm systems are powered with electricity and alarm signals are transmitted over long distances to monitoring centers. Ackerman builds redundancy into our system designs. All Ackerman systems have backup batteries for standby power, so that our alarm systems provide extended protection during power outages. Ackerman also recommends cellular wireless monitoring. This prolongs the ability of the alarm system to communicate with the monitoring center during power outages or vandalism of telephone/internet lines.

Local Monitoring Station

We are a private, UL Certified, company that provides local monitoring to you! Our corporate headquarters and 5 Diamond Central Station is located in Atlanta, GA. We do not outsource our monitoring to third–party vendors, which is very rare in our industry, and we’ve specialized in alarm security since 1967! Our staff is here 365 days a year working hard, so you can rest easy.

Family Protection

There is no need to overpay for the feeling of safety that alarm monitoring can bring to your family. Effective alarm monitoring doesn’t have to be out of reach due to cost, at Ackerman we can develop a solution for your property that gives you only what you need, nothing more and nothing less. No landline? No Problem! We offer a wide array of connection options for monitoring services from the traditional landline to the popular cellular connection option, and even internet connection for those who don’t have a strong cell signal in their area.

If you are like most of the clients we already monitor, your home is probably filled with valuables and family heirlooms, yet only 1 in 4 homes has alarm monitoring! Unfortunately, many people only make the decision to add residential monitoring services AFTER a burglary, fire or other disaster. “Don’t wait until it is too late, call us today and let us give you a FREE IN-HOME consultation and find the right solution to protect you and your property.