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Home Security Services in Buckhead, GA

Since 1967, Ackerman Security has worked to make Buckhead, GA a safer place to live, work and play. For complete home security systems, smart home automation products or first-class alarm monitoring, there's one name that Marietta residents trust more than any other, and that's Ackerman Security.

Home Security Services in Buckhead, GA



Get 24/7 live monitoring for your Buckhead home backed by Georgia's most trusted home security name: Ackerman.

  • 5-Diamond certified: The Monitoring Association makes sure that Ackerman's monitoring center has lightning fast response times.
  • Affordable pricing: Starting at just $19.95/month, Ackerman delivers unparalleled security for surprisingly affordable prices.
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Home Automation

Make your home in Buckhead, GA more efficient and more convenient to live in with a brand new home automation system complete with smart thermostat, automatic door locks, light controls and more.

  • Smarter security: Pair your security system with home automation. Lock doors from your smart phone, see live footage from cameras and more!
  • More savings: Smart thermostats and lighting control can save you hundreds on your utility bills.
  • Smarter living: Control smart appliances, manage thermostat settings and connect to televisions and speakers from an app on your smartphone.
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Video Surveillance

Put the next generation of home security cameras to work in your Buckhead home. Ackerman Security guarantees fast and convenient installations that account for blind spots, entry and exit ways, indoor and outdoor cameras and more.

  • Live streaming: Stream camera feeds instantly to your smart device to make sure the home front is safe and sound.
  • Smart sensors technology: Get alerts if movement is detected by one of your surveillance cameras.
  • Indoor or outdoor options: Discreet indoor cameras or weatherproof outdoor cameras–Ackerman Security has it all.
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Customer Story in Buckhead, GA

A Close Call with a Kitchen Fire

The Problem:

Edwin Black, a local Buckhead resident, was at home when he heard the high-pitched shriek of a smoke alarm. Flames had erupted in his kitchen. Disoriented and alone, Mr. Black reached for the phone beside him–it was ringing–and the caller ID said Ackerman Security.

The Solution:

Genice was the first Ackerman employee to call Mr. Black's home. She quickly calmed down Mr. Black and gave him directions on how to get out of the home. With Edwin safe, Genice quickly called the necessary emergency service, who promptly put out the fire.

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