Your Complete Guide to Keeping Your Home Safe

For over 50 years, homeowners in Roswell, GA, and the surrounding communities have trusted Ackerman Security with home security and monitoring services. We’ve spent generations designing home security systems through the community. With cutting-edge technology and vigilant monitoring services let our team design a complete home security system for you.

We understand that your family's well-being is of utmost importance, and that's why we offer the best home security products and services to ensure you feel confident and protected at all times. From security cameras to motion detectors, our professional installation provides the best home security system for your family.

Beyond cameras, sensors, and monitoring, you can simplify home automation and protection with our wide range of equipment and services. Trust your local experts at Ackerman Security for all of your home security and automation needs.
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Home Security Products: Keeping a Watchful Eye

With Ackerman Security, you can keep a watchful eye over everything with our advanced video surveillance options. Whether you want to check in on your home while you're away or automatically record specific events, our high-quality video doorbells, and indoor and outdoor cameras have you covered from every angle.

With our smart doorbells, you can access live footage and even speak to visitors through the devices. Like other smart home devices, our video doorbells back recordings up on a cloud-based video recording system, providing valuable evidence for potential investigations.

Outdoor security cameras cover your property including street views, driveways, garages, outbuildings, and other sensitive areas on your property. There's virtually no angle Ackerman Security cannot cover with a range of powerful outdoor security cameras. Indoor security cameras add safety and convenience to your home. Our experts can set up the best security system for your needs. This often means indoor cameras that keep an eye on your pets, and family members, and provide coverage in the rare case someone breaks into your home.

With our expert consultation, we can match you with the perfect system for your needs.

Sensors & Detectors: Enhancing The Safety Around Your Roswell, GA Home

The home security market is crowded with retailers selling DIY security system options. Do you really want to trust your alarm systems, video doorbell camera, and the safety of your family to an off-the-shelf system?

Our commitment to your home security goes far beyond cameras. We offer a range of sensors and detectors that help alert you to potential dangers in your home. The best part is a custom home security system with professional installation and professional monitoring can be affordable and installed quickly.

Motion detectors and glass break sensors warn you of unusual activity in your home. Door and window sensors alert you against burglars and home invasions.

All of these devices can be adjusted so your pets do not accidentally trip the sensors when you are away. Door sensors add a layer of comfort for parents who work out of the home when children return home from school. You can also monitor contractors' movements.

Smoke detectors and flood detectors can warn you of emergencies including fire, broken pipes, and other flood issues. Carbon monoxide detectors are essential for detecting this deadly gas.

Ackerman Security is capable of designing a complete home security system that can be monitored 24/7 from one application on your phone or tablet. And with our watchful eyes, you can rest easy wherever you go and your home is protected.

Home Automation: Smart and Convenient Solutions

Want even more convenience?

As more devices are integrating with the internet, embrace the convenience of home automation with Ackerman Security's smart devices. Smart door locks allow you to lock and unlock your doors remotely, ensuring you never forget to secure your home.

Worried about leaving your garage door open accidentally? Our smart garage door control lets you close it from anywhere using your smartphone.

You can also control your lights with ease, turning them on or off remotely and even setting schedules to save on utility bills and deter intruders by giving the appearance of someone being home.

Smart plugs serve as a stepping stone into the world of home automation, making any appliance or light smart with manual and automated control.

And with smart thermostats, you can adjust your home's temperature with your smartphone, saving energy and money while staying comfortable.

Monitoring Services: Always Protected

Our 24/7, 5 Diamond Certified Monitoring Services offer round-the-clock protection for your home.

With in-house IP Alarm monitoring and wireless alarm monitoring, we ensure lightning-fast response times when emergencies arise.

Our services are so consistent, we back our monitoring services with our "200% Money Back Guarantee.”

Switching Made Simple

Are you frustrated with one size fits all solutions that force you to build your own system?

Need one central control over all of your devices?

If you're considering switching your monitoring services but worried about the hassle, fear not!

Ackerman can use your existing security equipment and switch your monitoring at no cost.

In many cases, homeowners save on home security in Roswell with Ackerman Security. Spend your time focused on your home and family, Ackerman Security has your home protected.

Why Choose Ackerman?

At Ackerman Security, we stand out from the competition by going above and beyond to protect you. We're the only security company in North America that pays you if your home is burglarized under an armed Ackerman system. Our promise includes double compensation for your losses, covering 100% of your insurance deductible, and providing additional cash reimbursement.

With leading-edge technology, top-notch monitoring, and exceptional customer service, we are your trusted partner in keeping your home and family safe.

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In Roswell, GA, Ackerman Security is the name you can rely on for unmatched protection and peace of mind. Whether it's our cutting-edge home security products, smart home automation solutions, or our reliable monitoring services, we're dedicated to keeping you safe and secure. Don't hesitate to reach out to us for professional home security solutions tailored to your needs. Trust Ackerman Security for a safer and more secure home in the Atlanta, GA area.

If you're looking for commercial security systems, we do that too.

*Certain restrictions apply. No Theft Guarantee applies to Ackerman Approved security systems. Speak to an Ackerman representative for complete details.