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Ackerman Security has been a trusted home security and monitoring partner for residents of Dunwoody, GA, for more than 50 years. Over the years, we've fine-tuned our monitoring service and developed security solutions that continue to lead the industry in innovation customer safety, and satisfaction. Our team can design custom comprehensive home security systems for your home's unique needs.

As a locally owned business, we understand better than anyone the importance of feeling safe in your Dunwoody community. That's why we've remained committed to top-of-the-line home security products and solutions that put the power and peace of mind of quality protection back in your hands. With security cameras and motion detectors to smart doorbells, we provide professional installation that brings instant security to your family.

As the top choice for home security in Dunwoody and the surrounding area, we go beyond individual security products such as cameras and sensors to reach a new unparalleled level of residential safety.

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Safeguarding Your Home: Our Home Security Products

When you choose Ackerman Security for your home security needs, you'll have access to our full range of premium video surveillance options, including the following products.

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Smart Doorbells

Want to access live footage of your front door, even when you're far from home? Our smart doorbells allow you to do that and so much more. You can speak to visitors through each device and back up your recordings on a cloud-based video recording system so you always have easy access to your security footage.

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Outdoor Security Cameras

Detect and prevent threats to the safety of your household before they get inside with our outdoor security cameras. These cameras can provide clear visuals of your street, driveway, garage, outbuildings, and other areas of your property.

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Indoor Security Cameras

The safety and convenience of our indoor security cameras are virtually unmatched. Once set up, these indoor cameras can help provide peace of mind that your pets, family members, and belongings are safe and accounted for. These cameras can also help hold maintenance workers and contractors accountable and provide coverage in the unfortunate event of a home break-in.

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New to Home Security?

Ackerman has you covered!

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Optimize Your Safety with Sensors & Detectors

Security cameras are a powerful deterrent for threats to your Dunwoody, GA, household. But they are often a more retroactive form of security used for evidence in the event of an emergency. At Ackerman Security, our dedication to protecting your home goes well beyond these capabilities.

Our inventory of sensors and detectors is designed to help alert you to threats in your home in real time. Designed to help alert you to unusual activity, home invasions, or a type of emergency, such as a broken pipe, our full range of sensors and detectors include:

  • Motion Detectors
  • Glass Break Sensors
  • Door and Window Sensors
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Floor Detectors
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Each of our devices is designed with your bustling household in mind. We can make adjustments so your pets don't accidentally trip sensors. With our professional installation and monitoring service, you can have instant peace of mind that your home and everyone in it is safe, even when you're away or at work.

At Ackerman Security, control and monitoring of all of our home security products is easily accessible through one integrated application downloaded on your personal device. Additionally, our team's watchful eyes will also keep constant tabs on your home and its security systems from our award-winning monitoring center.

Home Automation: Next Level Security & Convenience

Ready to take your home security to the next level?

In an increasingly digital world, Ackerman Security has risen above the trends to offer a wide range of smart devices that enhance your home security capabilities. These home automation systems ensure you have control over the safety of your home no matter where you are in the world.

Our smart door locks can be locked and unlocked remotely, while our smart garage door controls give you peace of mind that your garage door is always closed when you're gone. Our smart plugs also give you control of your appliances and light settings remotely. Meanwhile, smart thermostats offer the ability to adjust the temperature inside your home with a simple tap on your phone.

Our home automation products provide an unprecedented level of control over your Dunwoody, GA, home that maximizes your comfort and peace of mind.

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Our 24/7 Monitoring Services

Ensure your home is always protected with our 5-Diamond Certified Monitoring Services. From in-house IP Alarm monitoring to wireless alarm monitoring, we offer round-the-clock protection from our highly trained monitoring experts.

And when an emergency does occur, we guarantee a swift response to minimize threats to your family and your home's safety. Our monitoring systems will keep you in the know about whats happening around your Dunwoody home day or night.

Advantageous of Partnering with Ackerman

Are you struggling to DIY a security system that works together to meet all of your needs? Is your current system lacking accessible, centralized control and consistent monitoring? When you partner with Ackerman Security to protect your Dunwoody, GA, home, these problems become a thing of the past thanks to our fast, efficient home security installation and monitoring services.

Are you switching from a different provider or your own security equipment? We can easily integrate our monitoring to your existing equipment at no cost.

Brand new to home security and starting from scratch? Our knowledgeable team will work with you during an in-depth consultation to design a personalized system that will meet all your security needs.

Working with Ackerman Security also boasts an exceptional customer service experience, one-of-a-kind monitoring, and the top security products in the industry.

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Contact Ackerman Security For Home Security in Dunwoody, GA

Ackerman Security is the top home security provider in Dunwoody, GA, for a reason. We don't simply install home security systems, we constantly monitor, update, and check in with your family so that always have the most cutting-edge technology and skilled experts safeguarding your Dunwoody home. When you need professional home security solutions, we will go above and beyond to tailor our superior systems to your unique safety goals.

Contact Ackerman Security for home security system installation and reliable monitoring in Dunwoody, GA, that you can trust. We offer Commercial Security System Installation as well as home security systems.