Reliable Security Solutions 
for Kennesaw, GA Homes

Home Security Services in Kennesaw, Georgia

When you invest in a security system, you want to know that your family will be safe. That's why we install the best home security products on the market–everything from surveillance cameras to smart locks–so you and your family can feel confident and protected at home 24/7.

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Home Security Services in Kennesaw, GA

Looking for peace of mind? That's exactly what you'll get when you choose alarm monitoring from Ackerman.

  • 5-Diamond certified: The Monitoring Association makes sure that Ackerman's monitoring center has lightning fast response times.
  • Affordable pricing: Starting at just $29.95/month, Ackerman delivers unparalleled security for surprisingly affordable prices.

We can install the latest automation technology for your Kennesaw home, including smart thermostats, video doorbells and even wireless speakers. Upgrading to a smart home gives you benefits such as:

  • Smarter security: Pair your security system with home automation. Lock doors from your smart phone, see live footage from cameras and more!
  • More savings: Smart thermostats and lighting control can save you hundreds on your utility bills.
  • Smarter living: Control smart appliances, manage thermostat settings and connect to televisions and speakers from an app on your smartphone.

Get the latest home security cameras professionally installed by one of the most experienced teams in Kennesaw, Georgia.

  • Live streaming: Stream camera feeds instantly to your smart device to make sure the home front is safe and sound.
  • Smart sensors technology: Get alerts if movement is detected by one of your surveillance cameras.
  • Indoor or outdoor options: Discreet indoor cameras or weatherproof outdoor cameras-Ackerman Security has it all.

Do I Need a Security System for My Kennesaw Home?

Luckily, Kennesaw is a relatively safe community with crime rates below the Georgia and U.S. averages. But that doesn't mean crime is non-existent in Kennesaw.
If you're concerned about break-ins and theft, we have good news: Property protection is our specialty. We can install a custom security system that fits your home and offers reliable protection, 24/7.

In fact, during the past 5 years there have been a total of 322 burglaries and over 2,000 cases of larceny/theft.

I can say with confidence that we made the right decision to change security providers. Ackerman made a very complete presentation of their services, then made an offer to upgrade our existing equipment plus add more than we had and gave us a monthly fee much lowered than we had. They have followed up several times to make sure we are completely happy with our service. WE ARE. Might pay you to check them out.

Jim G., Kennesaw homeowner

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