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in Douglasville, Georgia

Custom Security Systems & Smart Home Products for Douglasville Homes

When it comes to home security, nothing compares to a custom-built system. And when it comes to custom installations, no other company is trusted in Douglasville, GA like Ackerman. Whether you're upgrading your current system or installing a system for a new home, only Ackerman delivers the experience, workmanship and support to make the project an outstanding success.

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Home Security Services in Douglasville, GA

  • Fire & smoke monitoring: Respond to fire and smoke threats within seconds from a 5-diamond certified central alarm station.
  • Built for compliance: We understand compliance concerns and build custom systems according to your industry's needs.
  • Next-gen fire systems: Smart control panels, responsive sensors, audio devices, and more.

Have peace of mind knowing that your Athens home is protected 24/7 by a professional monitoring center.

  • 5-Diamond certified: The Monitoring Association makes sure that Ackerman's monitoring center has lightning fast response times.
  • Affordable pricing: Starting at just $29.95/month, Ackerman delivers unparalleled security for surprisingly affordable prices.

Let one of our friendly security consultants guide you toward the perfect selection of smart home tools and appliances.

  • Smarter security: Pair your security system with home automation. Lock doors from your smart phone, see live footage from cameras and more!
  • More savings: Smart thermostats and lighting control can save you hundreds on your utility bills.
  • Smarter living: Control smart appliances, manage thermostat settings and connect to televisions and speakers from an app on your smartphone.

Get the latest home security cameras professionally installed by one of the most experienced teams in Athens, Georgia.

  • Live streaming: Stream camera feeds instantly to your smart device to make sure the home front is safe and sound.
  • Smart sensors technology: Get alerts if movement is detected by one of your surveillance cameras.
  • Indoor or outdoor options: Discreet indoor cameras or weatherproof outdoor cameras-Ackerman Security has it all.

Customer Story in Athens, GA

In a Side By Side Comparison, Ackerman's Value Stands Out

The Problem:

  • Mr. Lee, a longtime Douglasville resident, had recently purchased an alarm system which included sensors, a new camera system and an app which notified him if the cameras detected movement. The only problem? The sensors worked a little too well. They were sending him notifications that weren't true security threats. Mr. Lee did not know what to do. So he contacted Ackerman's Central Station to get some assistance.

The Solution:

  • Mr. Lee reached a Customer Care Expert at Ackerman, who inquired about Mr. Lee's issues, and determined that the camera's sensitivity needed to be adjusted. Brian H., one of Ackerman's techs, was immediately dispatched to Mr. Lee's home the very next day. Not only did Brian adjust the cameras, he also educated Mr. Lee on how to set the detection areas around his home. The result? Perfectly calibrated cameras which removed the unnecessary notifications.
The technician was very knowledgeable and helped me understand my home camera system. Thanks Ackerman

Mr. Lee, Douglasville Homeowner

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